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Why Learn Foreign Language?

1. Be different: Everybody in India knows English, Hindi or their mother tongues. So why not learn a new language and be different!

2. Careers and business: Speaking more than one language will get you a good job in a reputed company. These days only speaking English is not enough. It will also help you in your business. For example, if you are dealing in France, then knowing French will help you improve your business relations.

3. Communication: Learning a new language will help you to interact and talk with the people who speak that language and also act and behave like them.

4. Cultural Understanding: A person who can understand a foreign language can bridge gap between two different cultures and can contribute to world peace. It will also give you a better understanding of their culture like what food they eat, what they like and dislike, how they dress, their lifestyle and way of thinking.

5. Improve your skills: According to research, it is proved that studying a foreign language can improve your analytic and interpretive skills. It can also help to increase problem-solving skills, memory, and self-discipline.

6. Learn for fun: Language learning is very exciting. It is not just about learning grammar and vocabulary, but it is also about learning new sounds, ways of expressing and seeing things.

7. For Travel: If you get an opportunity to go to another country as a tourist and if you know their local language, the people of that country will be pleased. For example: if you go to France and you know how to say “Hello” and “Please” in French, this will show respect for their language and culture.

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