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Teachers Training Program in FL

Teachers’ Training Program in Foreign Languages (TTPFL):


Cosmolingua Institute of Foreign Languages is committed to increasing opportunities for language teachers to develop the requisite linguistic and intercultural competencies that will help meet the growing demand for learning a foreign language. This comprehensive Teachers’ Training Program in Foreign Languages will cater to the increasing requirement of Foreign Language trainers in India.

The Teacher Training Program in FL focuses on the development of Language Teaching Proficiencies and Cross-Cultural Communication Competencies, while emphasizing on basic teaching skills, including teaching pedagogies, analysis of curricular materials, and proven models for teaching lexicon, grammar, listening, speaking, reading and writing. The latter emphasizes improvement of the teachers’ comprehensive understanding of intercultural communications, including theories of teaching a foreign language. The training program is interactive, participatory, and experiential.

About the Program:

Teachers’ Training Program in Foreign Languages is a professional program designed for young, enthusiastic men/women who want to learn a Foreign Language with the aim to pursue a teaching career and acquire the language skills and strategies required to be successful in any classroom. This program will help the learners gain the skills and knowledge to become a successful Foreign Language Trainer/ Instructor at school/ college level or corporate level.

Training Goals:

The purpose of this program is to strengthen Foreign Language instruction at Indian schools, colleges and universities, while providing future Foreign Language teachers with the opportunity to refine their teaching skills, increase their language proficiency and extend their knowledge. The program combines theory with practical hands on learning and guided sessions by observing experienced teachers in the classroom.

It aims to build confidence and enhance job prospects by focusing on the core teaching. This program will help students understand different methodologies for teaching, the 'language of teaching', key aspects of lesson planning, and classroom management methods.

Language Options:

French, German, Spanish, Chinese & Japanese>

Duration of the Program:

One year (divided into 4 semesters)

Commencement of the Program: July 2014:

  • Best practices for instruction that can be applied to any language,.
  • Practical design for activities and lesson plans that can be adapted for any language classroom,
  • Analysis of classroom interactions, and opportunities to learn by observing the development of actual foreign language teachers.
  • Important teaching techniques and learning strategies
  • To speak intensively in the Foreign Language and enhance language skills.
  • Improve your vocabulary and knowledge of grammatical structures.
  • To develop presentation skills
  1. Course introduction and basic concepts on teaching and learning a Foreign Language.
  2. Methodology and lesson planning in the foreign language class.
  3. Expression skills: oral interaction and written expression.
  4. Interpreting skills: listening comprehension and reading comprehension.
  5. Teacher’s discourse and class management.
  6. Analysis of materials and planning.
  7. Presentation of activities for class
  8. Effective elements in language learning and class dynamics.
  • Emphasis on theoretical foundations of Foreign Language instruction.
  • Practical components: design of a variety of class activities,class observations and analyses.
  • Instructional language: English, examples in target language (s).
After passing all three semesters, there will be a supervised teaching practice independently or with other candidates at the Institute, the student will plan and conduct teaching sequences and whole lessons. During the practical teaching sessions, student will have the opportunity to implement what they have learned in the 3 semesters and gain teaching experience.
The program is delivered by experienced and highly-skilled trainers holding Masters & PhD degrees. The experienced teachers will also offer thorough and diverse job search advice, creating opportunities across different language specializations.

Applicants must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Applicants must clearly demonstrate maturity, dependability, integrity and professionalism.
  • Fluency in English is mandatory.
  • Candidates should possess a Bachelor’s degree.
  • Prior teaching experience is not required.
  • Previous Knowledge of Foreign Language is not required.
Important: This is a NON-DEGREE program. However, a “Certificate” for successfully completing this program will be issued to the deserving Candidate by “Cosmolingua”

For queries & admission/ enrollment details, please contact:

Contact Numbers: 011-31305222/ 31305333/ 9350263254

E-mail: info@cosmolingua.in

Website : www.cosmolingua.in

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