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Short-Term Courses

Short-term course consist of 6 level in language proficiency both for the beginner’s or advanced level speakers who want to achieve native proficiency. This course gives a comprehensive study of the language including the development of all skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) and the study of all aspects (vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation). Each level is in an even distribution of grammar, speaking, listening, reading comprehension and writing skills in the levels A1 to B2. However, there is stronger focus on vocabulary extension and conversation with less grammar from level C1 onwards.

The following are skill focus areas of the course which may vary according to the course levels:
  • Training and development of communicative abilities
  • Development of listening and reading skills
  • Solid grammar
  • Improvement of pronunciation
  • Improving your writing

* Certificate Course: (5-6 weeks/level)

  • Level A1
  • Level A2

* Diploma Course: (5-6 weeks/level)

  • Level B1
  • Level B2

* Advance Diploma Course: (5-6 weeks/level)

  • Level C1
  • Level C2
We conduct our classes in either Groups (8-10 students), Sub-Groups (4-5 students) or on a One-to-One basis depending upon the convenience and needs of the students. Students can enroll in week days or week-end batches.

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